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Shikakibito aico

Aico was born in Japan and has loved drawing pictures and creating things since she was a child.
After graduating from high school, she became a street artist.
Established herself as one who listens to her clients and expresses herself through pictures and words.
She found it interesting to meet people and create something together.
From there, she began working under the name "Poetry Painter Aico.
In 2001, Aico started to open a store at Shin-Phu-Kan in Kyoto.
Participated in solo and group exhibitions
Events at major department stores
Sold original products, wedding items, and framed paintings.
Aico had also done commercials and collaborations, and had sold her work at art museums on consignment.
Also held classes and taught painting to people of all ages.
Moved to the U.S. in 2013
Stimulated by the energy of America, where people of different ethnic backgrounds mix, her colors and expressions have changed.
Paint with watercolor, acrylic, soft pastel, colored pencil, and crayon.
Currently resides in Massachusetts

Through my art, artist, and expressionist activities,
I aim to bring healing and awareness to people's daily lives.

Art that resonates, colors that reflect the inner world, encounters between people, and special words that express my feelings.
I would be happy if the expression born from me could contribute to society by warming someone's heart.

  • 1999

    Began working as a street artist in Kyoto. As people expressed interest in my work I began to sell my pictures.
  • 2000

    Invited to exhibit at Kyoto artist events, ARTGUERRILLA1, ARTGUERRILLA2, ARTGUERRILLA3,
  • 2001~2005.6

    My store, Shikakibito-aico, opened the at Shin-Phu-Kan Mall in Kyoto.
  • 2004

    Joined Kyoto craftsman group, Real Kyoto. Exhibited at NIWA, Nagasaki.
  • 2005.02

    Exhibited at Sonzai,Kyoyo.
  • 2005.04

    Plan exhibition Sale of original goods in Department store of Kyoto.
  • 2005.11

    Plan, work sale Parent and child participation type event(konoyubi-tomare)
  • 2007

    Private exhibition of my personal art in Kyoto.
  • 2007.10~03

    My illustration was used in a television commercial promoting Pantene shampoo and in the Wedding magazine, Zexy
  • 2008.01

    Private exhibition of my personal art in Kyoto.
  • 2008.06

    Faber-Castell, manufacturer of German stationery and writing implements, sponsored a joint exhibition of my art and their products at the Takashimaya Department Store, Kyoto.
  • 2008.12

    Private exhibition of my personal art in Kyoto gallery.
  • 2010

    Private exhibition of my personal art in Kyoto gallery.
  • 2011

    Private exhibition of my personal art in Kyoto gallery.
  • 2012

    Joint exhibition with photographer in Kyoto gallery.
    I have sold my original work since 2009 at the Hankyu and Takashimaya department stores

welcome to aico's world